Vacation means indulging is totally acceptable, right? It felt as if my family was always thinking about food while we were on Maui! In fact, it’s hard not to when there are multiple great spots to eat at! We like to try new restaurants if we are visiting a place for the second or third time but there are some spots we couldn’t wait to return to. If you are planning a trip to Maui, live there or are just a foodie looking for new dishes, this post is for you! 

Let’s start with coffee, shall we?

Every morning we’d get up at the crack of dawn because the time change between Maui and Florida was harsh. What better way to wake up with the sun with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? We stayed in the Ho’Olei condos that are right across from the Grand Wailea hotel. The closest coffee shop was Honolulu Coffee. While I didn’t want to start off on a bad review, I would pass on this coffee shop. Trust me, if you are staying in Wailea, it is worth it to drive to another part of town for coffee.

The second morning we stopped at Akamai Coffee in Kihei. While roaming the Maui location tag on Instagram, I found this aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with swinging chairs and modern décor. Yup, I didn’t even check the menu before I hopped in the car to visit. The thought of an Instagram picture in the swinging chair and a cup of coffee in hand was enough for me. Fortunately, the menu was awesome! I ordered a Matcha Latte with honey and almond milk. Asher and I both got croissant sandwiches that were delicious as well. 

Other coffee shops that caught my eye were Paia Bay Coffee & Bar and Belle Surf Café. Dang, these places are TOO CUTE. I would move to Maui just so I could visit these places every day. Good coffee and a great atmosphere! I actually got a smoothie from Belle Surf Café. It was the perfect way to cool down after shopping all morning in Lahaina!

Alright, let’s get to the big meals. 

Merriman’s was a restaurant I told my dad about since I saw many bloggers raving over the location and the food. We ended up driving across the island just for dinner. While most of us were irritated with the long drive, the outcome did NOT disappoint. We arrived for our reservation early, so we could watch the sunset before. It was absolutely stunning watching the sun go down behind the neighboring island. There is a section to sit down and have drinks, so we were able to enjoy the sunset and hangout before our reservation. I highly recommend stopping at this place because the food was farm-fresh and so good! Even just stopping at this place for drinks is a must. 

Mama’s Fish House was another restaurant we hadn’t tried before. We went on Mother’s Day to have brunch. Ha, see what we did there?! If you like seafood, this place is also a must. I have NEVER ordered a plate of fish and I was totally surprised on how much I enjoyed it! The atmosphere is awesome as well – it sits right next to the beach! If you’re looking for a meal with a view, check out The Mill House on Maui Tropical Plantation. Most of the tables face the incredible view. I felt like we were sitting in Jurassic Park, it was stunning!

Two places my family loves and returned too were Monkeypod and HumuHumu. I will bet that you will hear someone mention Monkeypod during your stay at Maui. Everyone raves over the Mai Tais and pizza! Definitely check it out, there are multiple locations on the island. HumuHumu is one of the fancier restaurants on the island. Another great spot for entertainment and great food is Old Lahanai Luau. My family was debating on trying a different luau, but we stuck with what we already experienced because it was just that good! 

Moving on to snacks and desserts, woo!

Two stops on the Road to Hana are one’s we recommend to everyone. Aunt Sandy’s Bread is really the best banana bread on the island – don’t let anyone else fool you! It’s worth the drive off Hana highway. Another great stop is Coconut Glens! It is all vegan, coconut ice cream. It’s so refreshing during a hot day. I wish I could have this ice cream shipped to me, I am soooo obsessed. Going back to Monkeypod, the pies are absolutely amazing. Even if you don’t eat a meal, it’s worth just ordering a pie to take out. Lastly, we tried Choice Health Bar which has a bunch of healthy snack options. I ordered an acai bowl one morning and it was great! 

We did visit more restaurants but these listed were ones I highly recommend. If you’d like to see more from our Maui trip, check out my other blog posts or my “Maui” highlight on my Instagram.

Are you hungry yet?! Thanks for reading!

Much Love,
Hannah Claire