My Amazon cart is always full of items that are super cute and CHEAP! I created an Amazon page for y’all to shop fashion, beauty, home décor and much more. To all the girls on a college budget, I GOT YOU! I’m always finding deals and I’m super excited to share these with you.

I will be updating these lists every week since you can always catch me scrolling on the app, oops! Some of my favorite clothing items have been purchased on Amazon. If you’re looking for new staple pieces for Spring, I’ve rounded up my favorites!

Here are some of the products I’ve been currently loving…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $17:

I spend most of the day scrolling on my phone or working on my computer, so these were a must. Thankfully, these cheap glasses help with the headaches I get from eye strain and too much blue light! These come in a bunch of colors. The clear ones are adorable! I love wearing these throughout the day. GET EM & start protecting your eyes from permanent eye damage and vision loss! 

Silk Like Fashion Pattern Scarf – $8:

This scarf has been my favorite for Spring! I wore this scarf as a belt to dinner to spruce up a basic tee and denim look and now I am HOOKED! This cheap scarf is the perfect way to up any outfit. I plan on wearing this in my hair, tied around my purse handles and even as a top for hot summer days. Definitely snag this scarf to up your style game!

Open Toe Ankle Strap Espadrille Sandal – $30:

If you’re in the market for new shoes for Spring, these are IT! These are so comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit. I wore these during hours of sorority recruitment and they held up so well. I plan on purchasing more colors so I can wear all spring and summer long. In my opinion, these fit true to size!

Hand-Woven Straw Large Handbag – $22:

This is my go-to bag for Spring! I can’t wait to bring this on my Maui trip! It’s easy to match to any outfit and perfect to bring to the beach, pool, shopping, dinner, etc. Warning: you will prob see this bag in every Insta pic this season! It’s just too cute and the perfect touch to any outfit. It can hold a lot which is always a plus!

Power Frother – $15:

This isn’t a necessity, but it helps when I’m mixing my matcha or keto coffee. I normally add collagen to my morning drink, so this handheld whisk makes it so easy to blend my drink together and make it frothy! It takes 15 seconds or less with no loud sounds or mess. 

Essential Oil Diffuser – $29:

I love my oils so having multiple diffusers around the house is great! This one lasts for 10 hours so it quickly gets your house or apartment smelling amazing! It can also be used as a humidifier without oils to add more moisture to your room. The wood look is also super aesthetically pleasing!

Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water & Glycerin – $8:

Anything from heritage Store is great. I use this spray at night because the lavender scent is so calming. I’ll spray it on my pillow and all over my body. I also use the Rose Water from this brand in the morning and as a perfume. You can use these sprays for so much and they’re so cheap!

Shop my favorite lists…


I couldn’t pick one of these because all of these tech items have been awesome! All of my cases have held up so well on the electronics I’m constantly using. I really haven’t disliked a case I have purchased from Amazon. I definitely recommend checking out Amazon before buying at Best Buy or Target which can be pricey!


I purchase so many earrings and sunglasses on Amazon because they’re SO CHEAP! All the items I’ve purchased have held up too. I don’t like wearing items that I have to worry about getting scratched or broken so anything on this list is my go-to. These are all awesome especially for college students who can wear these out with no worries!


Clothing items can be a hit or miss on Amazon since most is made in China. However, most of the items are some that I find on boutiques for WAY MORE. Along with tech and accessories, I recommend checking Amazon before you purchase something elsewhere. You can save much more on the same items on Amazon.

Do I have you hooked yet?! Amazon has some really great items and PRICES! Be sure to check my lists as they will be updated often. Also, here’s a quick disclaimer — I have not purchased everything on these lists so I do not know how well the quality is of some items. However, I have seen most of the clothing items on other bloggers and they love them! Please be cautious that not all items (especially clothing) may be great quality/fit!

Have you found anything on Amazon that you love? Let me know!

Much Love,
Hannah Claire

Disclosure: I do make a percentage from any item purchased through my Amazon shop page. Thank you for supporting and happy shopping!