Happy New Year! Is anyone else completely shocked how fast time is moving? This year I’ll be graduating college and turning 22. CRAZY! To ring in the new year, I decided to sit down with a cup of coffee and reflect on this past year. I came up with a list of goals and lifestyle changes I’d like to work towards in the new year.

In 2019, I’d like to commit to living a more sustainable lifestyle. I’d also like to be more present. I hope joy, love and creativity flow to me with ease in this upcoming year. I am choosing to be happy with this life I am living and remember that my negative thoughts are not the truth. I’m putting my doubt behind me and headed towards accomplishing more in this new year.

In 2019, I would like to…

  • Transform to a More Sustainable Lifestyle – This is my top goal for 2019. This includes using non-toxic products, saying no to fast fashion, shopping consciously, eating less meat, buying local, giving back, heading outside, etc. This year I will be taking small steps to educate myself on how to live a more mindful, more eco-conscious lifestyle that I’ve always wanted to work towards. Instead of thinking about it, it’s time for me to do it!
  • Reduce Plastic Use – It’s disgusting how many Starbucks cups I used this last year. I’ve decided to cut back (or ditch overall) my Starbucks habit. I plan to start using the reusable bottles I have instead of purchasing bottled water or to-go coffees/teas. I purchased reusable tote bags and straws that I can use when I go out. I plan to buy some reusable grocery bags, and reusable cutlery for eating out. 
  • Follow a Healthier Routine – This year I want to find a routine that works for me. I would like to graduate college with a routine of healthy eating, exercising regularly and meditating. I have the app, Tone It Up, that I will start using for workouts at home. I am also looking forward to trying an Autoimmune Protocol Diet for my battle with Hashimotos. Ideally, I would like to try to eat more plant-based meals, too! 
  • Spend Smarter & Save More – Oh boy, most of y’all know I am a sucker when it comes to Target and Marshalls. In the past, I have been known to purchase too much. I have recently cleaned out my closet and realized I am a shopaholic. My spending habits have been better recently, but I hope to cut back more in the new year. Here’s to sticking with, “Do I reallyneed that?” in future shopping endeavors.
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe – With the above resolution, I’d like to transform my closet into a more sustainable one. I plan to say no to fast fashion and focus on shopping more consciously. In reality, I am only wearing a quarter of my closet anyways. You can even catch me wearing sweats or leggings most of the time! I am fascinated with the 10×10 exercises people do to transform their wardrobe. I plan on transforming my closet to high-quality, ethically made pieces that I can style multiple ways.
  • Film & Take Pictures More Often – In 2018, I feel as if I lost my creativity. I am not taking pictures or video as much as I used to. Photography and videography was my passion growing up and I’d like to get back into the habit of capturing more memories. Although, I hope in the new year I take pictures or video to ENJOY rather than just post on social media. I have been in this mindset that I have to post to grab other’s attention. I plan to take pictures and video to have fun instead of just getting a “post” out of it.
  • Get Outside – You may laugh at me for this, but I want to learn to surf and skate this year. With an adventurous and outdoorsy boyfriend, I want to learn how to enjoy his hobbies with him. I’ve always wanted to learn how to skate and surf, but I’ve either been too scared or not motivated enough. Along with learning new skills, I’d also like to enjoy nature more. I find myself inside most of these days so getting outside is one of my top resolutions!
  • Meditate & Stretch – I have discovered that meditating has helped my mental health. I use the app, Breathe, to guide me in meditation. This helps a lot when I am stressed out. I plan to set aside time each day to reflect on what is happening in my current life and assess stressful situations better. Meditating and stretching helps be feel better and trust me after a stressful 2018, I need to make it happen this year!
  • Love Myself & Love Others – In 2019, I hope we all look more consciously at ourselves in order to become better towards others. If we aren’t caring for ourselves, we aren’t providing care for others. I am dedicating this year to growing myself. I will remember that my negative thoughts are not the truth. I plan to stop comparing myself to other people and I hope you do too!

Let’s THRIVE this year! I hope this list of resolutions inspire you to live towards a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, too. Let me know if you have similar goals so we can keep each-other accountable.

What are your resolutions for 2019?

Much Love,
Hannah Claire