Over the past few years, I have switched my beauty routine to non-toxic! What is non-toxic you may ask?
Out of the 10,000 chemicals found in cosmetics, only 10% have been tested for safety and human health. Sooo yes, those beauty products you apply multiple times a day most likely are harming you!

Anything we put on our skin goes directly into the body. The harmful ingredients in those toxic beauty products can act as endocrine disrupters and cause numerous health issues from reproductive problems to cancer.

I decided to make the switch to cleaner beauty products for the sake of my health. It can be a slow process to swap all your beauty products but it is worth it! Just because these products are natural does not mean that they do not perform as well as some well-known brands. Some even compliment me better!

Here are my favorite non-toxic & cruelty-free products at the moment…

Lily Lolo Illuminator in Champagne: Highlighter is the one of the top makeup trends this season! Don’t be tricked into buying a toxic brand. This highlighter is made with anti-aging Argan and Pomegranate oils! It gives me a perfect glow!

Lily Lolo Black Mascara: This mascara gives me those WOW lashes without harsh chemicals or parabens! This mascara is loved by many!

Au Naturale Lip Stain in On Point: I get complimented every single time I wear this color! It’s the perfect every day pink and does not dry out your lips like other matte lipsticks do.

Good Medicine Mojo Botanical Perfume: Perfume was the hardest product for me to switch over. I struggled with finding one that lasted for multiple hours. However, I fell in love when I got this perfume! It is sexy, warm and soft! Perfect for everyday wear, too!

Sienna Byron Bay 7-Free Polish in Barefoot Dancer: Probably forgot about nail polish, didn’t you? Yup…nail polish is one of the worst toxic offenders! Luckily, this brand offers a cleaner option. The Barefoot Dancer shade compliments my fair skin and looks great for any season.

Innersense I Create Finishing Hair Spray: I normally cannot stand the smell of hairspray. My previous hair sprays would always give me a headache! Organic Honey, Aloe, Roobios Tea and Organic Lavender are just a few of the yummy ingredients in this hair spray. Not only does it do a great job of locking my hair in place, it smells fantastic!

These are just a few of the many non-toxic products I have tried. I plan on doing a series of my favorites. Need a New Years resolution? Try and switch over to non-toxic, cleaner year in 2018! I’d love to hear what you swap out and try. Thanks for reading!

Hannah Claire